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Tailift Quality Forklifts

Tailift has achieved a leading position on product innovation for material handling vehicles. Their team recognizes the markets evolution and proceeds to dominate the industry with their world-renowned brand. Lift Truck Specialists is proud to represent an extensive line of forklift trucks that provide a solution to almost any application need.

Diesel Z-Series

z series

This Tailift product line is designed to meet the quality, performance and working functions that your warehouse operations demand. With a loading capacity ranging from 3,500 - 8,000 lbs., this forklift series offered through LTS is ready to perform efficiently to meet material handling requirements. It has cushion or pneumatic tire options to offer you the most reliable product for your warehouse solutions.


Electric Z-Series


This new generation of electric forklift trucks provides optimal performance and ultimate productivity. With it’s advanced AC controller system it provides the best solution for your application. This series comes in a 36/48 – volt battery capacity with both a 3 and 4 wheel option as well as an 80 – volt, 4 wheel model to complete this series with a range of products that will most efficiently satisfy your specific warehouse needs.


IC Forklift Trucks

ic cushionTailift offers a selection of both cushion and pneumatic tires for this group of internal combustion forklifts. These forklift trucks have capacities that range from 3,000 – 11,000 lbs. to provide a reliable and effective work force machine. These models offer optimal visibility for greater safety and the advancement of better ergonomics makes this model easy and comfortable for higher operator satisfaction allowing maximized production.


IC 6-10 Ton Forklift Trucks

large forkliftLTS is excited to offer this Tailift line of heavy-duty machines that will be the perfect solution for all of your heavy-duty jobs around the warehouse. This model features a hydraulic steering system that allows for light steering and a quick and accurate response with an optimal turning radius. It has an Okamura transmission that was developed specifically for forklifts and other industrial vehicles that gives it many advantages like smoother driving with fewer shifts, and a greater torque ratio. This model is also complete with a six-cylinder Perking 1106D engine that has almost 30% more horsepower than other engines to provide your warehouse with a machine that can match up to the most challenging warehouse needs.

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