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Planned Maintenance

The heart of your fleet operation relies on how well your equipment is maintained. If you want to minimize costs and maximize productivity then the correct maintenance plan is essential. With the Planned Maintenance (PM) program we can design a program especially for your fleet’s needs and ultimately keep downtime to a minimum.

Consistent Scheduling

We understand that in your business time can get away from you. That’s why our maintenance calls are scheduled in advance to keep your company operating as usual. Our team of experienced technicians will regularly check and maintain your equipment including fluid and lubricant at a specified rate. Our goal is to fix minor issues before they become major problems.

Customized Service

With each fleet operating at different levels and performing different tasks, we won’t try to fit your fleet into a cookie-cutter program. We take the time to determine how your operations run and then decide which solution best fits your maintenance needs.

Experienced Technicians

Lift Truck Specialists isn’t just our name, but the level of expertise you can expect in our service technicians. Our technicians use computerized service information to determine the best maintenance solutions. They diagnose, maintain and repair all with the lowest maintenance costs in mind.

Complete Service Vans

Stocked and ready to get you back to business, our service vans provide quick and reliable solutions. Our vans carry parts, diagnostic tools and technical references that enable them to provide you with excellent service no matter your location.

Selecting a cost-effective, well-rounded maintenance plan for your lift truck is vital to backing up your investment and your business. Keep your fleet operating with little downtime with one of our custom maintenance programs.

To find out more about one of our maintenance programs, contact us at LTS today.